Best Computer Science Courses for High School Students

Learn K12 StaffLearn K12 Staff Oct. 11, 2020
Best Computer Science Courses for High School Students

High school students need to learn computer science especially if they intend to work in the Information Technology industry. Having the right knowledge, skills, and attitudes towards computer science at an earlier age will give your child the edge over others.

There are many computer science courses for high school students out there. They’re all helpful, useful, and effective in making your child learn basic to advance computer science concepts. Can’t decide which ones are ideal for high school students? Check out our top picks below:

Web Lab Projects

From an organization that is supported by multiple platforms including Microsoft and Google, this course ensures that students will be able to learn how to create web pages. Students in this course will be guided to use HTML and CCS languages to create web pages, which they can immediately share with their friends and classmates in this programming environment. This course will be done via video, with videos taking an average duration of one hour, and is ideal for thirteen years old and above. This is free and has tons of activities to enjoy.

Teach Your Kids to Code: Learn Python Programming at Any Age

With videos running a total of eight hours, this computer science course includes both video learning and reading. Students here will be taught to code and program various apps and programs using visual/block and python language—an activity that they can do together with their friends and family. This course is accessible through various platforms such as web, TV, tablet, mobile, and also works perfectly with Pc, Linux, and Mac. With its medium level of difficulty, this course is suitable for ages 9 and beyond, and only costs $11.

Intro to Web Dev

Aside from offering challenging experiences from quizzes, activities, and projects, this course aims to bring coding to your home. In the eight hours of videos, students will be guided to HTML and CCS coding, where they will soon learn to create responsive webpages using the said languages. However, this course is harder compared to other computer science courses for kids that’s suitable for ages 12 and above. Also, it uses the web as its main platform and costs $7 a month. Within just a few sessions, our child will soon be able to create his or her responsive webpages.

AP® Computer Science Principles

Having a medium level of difficulty, this course is ideal for students aged 14-17. It includes a twelve-hour video where students will be introduced to various computer science principles. They will delve into assorted activities and readings, as well as take part in challenging projects and quizzes. Computer science principles have never been fun, competitive, and enjoyable. The course uses the web as its main platform and everything is free of charge. Students in this course are likely going to drabble with visual or block language and will be having examinations or practice questions via AP-aligned questions with multiple choices.

Making Webpages

From the renowned educational platform that provides boundless learning, this computer science course will teach students aged eleven years old and above all the essentials in creating responsive webpages. In this easy-level course, the students will soon be taking part in all kinds of activities, videos, HTML tags, and CCS tags learning which they will utilize at the end of the course where they will be tasked to make their webpage or greeting card which they will share with their families and friends. The duration of the video is only an hour and the whole course is made free and accessible to everyone.

These computer science courses for high school students are just what your child needs to further develop his or her knowledge and skills. All the fun activities and challenging exercises will make him or her love learning computer science, too.