Learn K12 Website Launch!

Learn K12 StaffLearn K12 Staff July 28, 2020
Learn K12 Website Launch!

The current turn to e-learning brings exciting challenges for parents, students, and educators. Studying online can be a fun prospect for children ranging from elementary through high school. Since last March, education for our kids has evolved dramatically. In a short time, schools made informed decisions about how to offer online learning for kids. Some children appear to bloom in an online environment, while others take more time to adjust. That is also true for the parents.

We now face a new academic year, and many students plan to study from home. Although schools have had more time to prepare for online learning during COVID, you can expect to encounter challenges. Your kids may have some face-to-face time on the computer screen with teachers and other students. You can also look forward to your child coming to you for extra help or motivation after that facet of the day has ended.

That is where Learn K12 can help!

Find Help at Learn K12

You could spend all day searching for supplemental materials or online learning games for kids. We created Learn K12, to make this process much easier and complete the searches for you! Just look for your target subject areas and pull up a list of available courses and suggested providers.

Your results list the target age ranges, along with helpful reviews from students, teachers, and parents, just like you. Many of these sites offer free instruction, including online kids’ learning games. Instead of hopping from one website to the next, you can begin by comparing the affordable offerings all in one spot

New School Year

Do kids enjoy online learning in school? Teachers have spent many hours planning your child’s e-learning for this coming academic year. They have many students and countless responsibilities beyond lesson preparation.

You know your kids the best. With the help of Learn K12, you can help to make sure your children experience a satisfactory and successful year. You can boost their learning when you see a need and offer enhancements to make online learning even more fun. Use the handy tools available at Learn K12 to reach those goals!